Do You Have the Winning Approach to Content and Commerce?

The concept of distinct marketing and sales channels has more or less vanished – discovery, research and purchase are today part of the same process. As a result, retailers and brands are forced to rethink their strategies for attracting, inspiring, converting and retaining customers.

Both consumers and business buyers want to be educated, delighted and inspired – content is critical to delivering an optimal digital experience that both differentiates and translates to sales. Savvy retailers, brands and business sellers are turning to “storytelling” and content marketing as a way to connect with prospective buyers and make themselves stand out in crowded marketplaces. Done well, this enables companies to shift from fragmented, poorly integrated digital experiences to memorable ones that drive greater sales and loyalty while lowering costs.

While the collision of content and commerce has opened up new and exciting ways to acquire, engage, convert and retain customers this new commerce paradigm can be daunting and without the right strategies and platform in place, it can be extremely challenging to manage content across multiple channels and systems.
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Featuring examples from the playbooks of leading retailers and brands, we will review the tools and platforms retailers, consumer brands and business sellers leverage, evaluate their challenges, and outline technology and platform recommendations to support a balanced content and commerce strategy.

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