Unified Commerce Platform Is Critical in Making Omnichannel Decisions and Business Pivots

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Choosing a commerce platform is one of the most important decisions omnichannel businesses make — it’s fundamental to achieving stability and scalability. This became apparent in 2020 as retailers and brands scrambled to make changes to ecommerce and omnichannel operations during the pandemic. Many uncovered significant gaps in their processes and technology infrastructure, that limited their ability to execute quickly, if at all. To drive growth, retailers and brands need to be able to diversify their supply chain on the fly and must have a back-end technology platform that is just as agile. This is where a Unified Commerce Platform can help.

Unified commerce creates a single view of the customer, order, item, and inventory data — in a platform designed to synchronize all of these components across all channels, including stores, ecommerce, and online marketplaces.

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