Three Ecommerce Metrics That Matter During the Holidays

While your usual suite of metrics will be important as a look-back to gauge overall performance this holiday season, we challenge you to focus on a few real-time data segments that can help you maximize sales during your busiest time of the year.

These 3 metrics will give you actionable insights into how to optimize your home page, product pages, and marketing communications to drive conversion:


UNTIL 12/25/2020

  1. Product view-to-checkout ratio

    This metric helps you understand how often viewed products are added to the cart. If there is a mismatch – for example, high page views but low sell-through, try changing presentation elements on the product page to increase conversion.

    To better understand barriers to sale, cross-reference search terms or check customer care logs for suggestions about how to improve imagery or item description.

  2. Top search terms-to-cart detail

    Do a side-by-side comparison of top searches vs. top sellers to make sure that top sellers are turning up first in search results.

    Also, by measuring search terms against products sold, you may find additional opportunity to promote the items that consumers are most interested in purchasing.

  3. Product-by-channel performance

    Start with your best-selling products, then move down the line. Are any of these products selling better in ecommerce than in store? If so, consider making them available for curbside pick-up.

    In terms of marketing channels, research which funnels are most efficient at converting your best-sellers, your worst performers, and your highest-margin items, then heavy up with your remaining cash as you see fit.

    Along with your other tried-and-true performance metrics, these real-time data segments can help you cut through the analytics clutter and identify tactics for driving sales.

FitForCommerce is here to help! Our expert elves can help you understand and use your ecommerce performance metrics to drive conversions and maximize sales this holiday season.

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