Thank you for meeting us in Philly at last week!

We stayed busy by powering The Innovation Office at our booth, launching the NRF-FitForCommerce Omnichannel Retail Index, speaking about “Getting Ahead of the Curve: Who’s Doing Omnichannel Well?”, running a roundtable on “Improvements for Holiday Peak”, being a doctor for website critiques, giving tours of the expo floor, hosting a meet-up for digital heads, and meeting many of you!

So, for those who did not make it to Philly, here are some highlights!

The Innovation Office at our booth drew in a lot of attendees. It helps you keep up with, make sense of, and demystify innovation and emerging technologies in the retail industry.

We showcased 7 awesome retail technologies that retailers and brands should get to know.

NRF and FitForCommerce’s inaugural edition of the Omnichannel Retail Index explores the current state of omnichannel in order to understand how retailers are meeting – sometimes exceeding – customer expectations for a seamless shopping experience across any and all touchpoints.

Join us for a webinar:

“The Battle for Omnichannel Retail Excellence – Are You Keeping Up or Falling Short?”

Oct 28, 2015 | 1pm | NRF members-only webinar


Bernardine Wu, CEO, FitForCommerce

Harvey Bierman VP, Ecommerce Technology and Operations, Crocs Inc.