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Webinar: Transforming the In-Store Experience with Mobile Technology

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Reinventing the in-store shopping experience with mobile technology

Lately it seems every week there’s a new story in the news about yet another traditional brick & mortar retailer downsizing or closing its stores. Most recently, women’s apparel chain Bebe announced it would close its remaining 170 stores and sell only online (NYT article).  In February alone, retailers cut 30.000 jobs!

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This trend should not deter traditional retailers but rather encourage them to reinvent the in-store shopping experience. Some retailers are stepping up their game by equipping their sales associates with mobile-assisted selling and clienteling apps to transform the in-store experience, powered by Tulip Retail.  Here are some great examples:


Coach now offers store associates a mobile-first tool to better engage with customers in-store. Coach’s store associates can work shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to customize bags and wallets on iPads, testing fonts, colors, and placement before the bag ever goes to print. With this year marking its 75th anniversary and the growing need for traditional retailers to leverage cloud- and mobile-first technologies, Coach is leading the way by redefining the role of the store associate as more than a one-dimensional order taker. Instead, Coach is building a fleet of product and style experts able to meet the growing demands of customers with enhanced tooling.


Toys”R”Us, like many retailers, suffered from customers visiting their store and showrooming, then buy the product online, and ship-to-home. Toys”R”Us, understood the need to offer a more seamless shopping experience for their customers no matter the channel. So, they gave equipped their sales associates with iPads, allowing access to the Toys”R”Us product catalog. From real-time access to product details and features, to inventory availability and customer reviews, the introduction of the product catalog has yielded a double-digit lift in overall basket size. Today, they’ve been able to easily add mobile POS to the mix, enabling store associates to transact from anywhere in the store and ship-to-home or ship-to-store to close the sale.


Great news, we have a webinar w/ the Chief Experience Officer of Bonobos next month! So, register here to learn about their experiences and results they’ve seen so far.

May 23rd, 2017 | 2pm ET (60min)
Transforming the In-Store Experience with Mobile Technology

The store associate is the largest job segment in retail and a critical component in delivering on the brand promise. However, few retailers have fully embraced mobile technologies to empower their store associates and improve the shopping experience.

In this live webinar, we will cover how retailers can enable mobile assisted selling and clienteling for their store associates to collaborate internally and to delight customers at every point of engagement. Chief Experience Officer at Bonobos will share their experience and results they’ve seen so far. Tulip Retail will discuss the ROI benefits expected from in-store mobile apps for assisted selling, endless aisle, line busting, clienteling and improved store communications between managers and associates.