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Session on “Digital Influence on Omnichannel & Lessons from Holiday 2015” on Feb 9th in Atlanta.

Shoptalk is the first large-scale NextGen Commerce event. Attend our session on “Redefining Commerce: The New Retail Reality”.

FitForCommerce participated in NRF’s 105th Annual Convention & EXPO in NYC last week by attending, exhibiting, presenting 3 sessions and interacting with hundreds of ecommerce and retail thought-leaders!

This show gets bigger and greater every year. What stood out about the show this year was the growing number of international attendees from countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Russia and Germany. These countries continue to invest in ecommerce and many of their retailers are now benchmarking best practice solutions from more established markets, such as the US and UK. Another characteristic that stood out was the focus around Digital In-Store Experiences, which is a further validation that channels are now blurred and we live and engage in a truly omnichannel world driven by digital.

In case you missed our sessions during the show, here’s a quick recap:

“Your Next Big Move: Empowering the Next Generation Store Associate”
FitForCommerce Founder and CEO, Bernardine Wu, spoke at the Big Idea Session Monday morning highlighting that store associates are the largest job segment in retail and a critical component in delivering on the brand promise, however, few retailers have fully embraced mobile technologies to empower their store associates. Bernardine presented along with Tulip Retail and Box on how leading retail brands are transforming the role of their store associates by using in-store mobile technology to give them the tools they need to collaborate internally and to delight customers at every point of engagement. If you missed it, here’s a copy of the presentation.

“Connected Stores: How to Serve the Digital Customer”.
On Tuesday morning, Bernardine presented with Barnes & Noble and Oak Labs, Inc., sharing results from the industry’s premier NRF-FitForCommerce Omnichannel Retail Index. This session covered who’s doing what and who is leading the innovation curve. From data-equipped stores and sales associates, to smart mirrors and dressing rooms, this session shared some of the “bricks-and-clicks-and-tricks” being used in the industry and being envisioned by omnichannel and digital innovators. [presentation]

“Content Reinvented: Moving Beyond Traditional Content in Commerce”
Also on Tuesday morning, FitForCommerce Sr Consultant, Nico du Plessis, presented with Olapic during the Big Ideas Session. This session explored how forward-thinking retailers and brands are moving beyond traditional site and marketing content to expand reach, improve customer engagement and sell more. Both Nico and Pau Sabria, Co-Founder and CEO of Olapic, provided real-life examples how retailers and brands are leveraging consumer-generated content to stay ahead of the competition and accelerate sales.

Nico provided an overview of how Content & Commerce evolved over the last 15+ years and used REI as a ‘Best in Breed’ example with visuals from their 2001 website that was heavy text based with limited visuals and a “newsletter” template look & feel. Today, REI is less product & brand focused, but Editorial & Lifestyle focused with content integrated such as “Expert Advice”, “Classes”, “REI Adventures Trips” and leveraging imagery & video in a pleasant and delightful way. [presentation]

What did you learn at NRF 2016?
Let us know if you need help making sense of everything you learned at the show!