Ecommerce Technology Workshop

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Mapping Customer Experience to Technology Investment (download)
Historically, retailers invested in technologies based on improving operations and internal processes, but recent emphasis on customer centricity in an omnichannel and mobile world requires a deep and fluid understanding of key customer journeys. Retailers are developing customer experience-driven technology roadmaps in order to grow sales while delivering a great customer experience in-store, online and via mobile. In this session, we will learn how to plan out customer-centric technology requirements, create an investment roadmap and leverage specific technology tools.

Get What You Need: How to Build a Winning Business Case and Budget for Technology & Innovation (download)
Business and technology executives might agree to the benefits of new or improved technologies and tools, but without a strong business case to support the ROI, limited funds can squelch the investment. In this session, our speakers will share how to build a winning business case to get funding and internal prioritization. We will also cover what to consider when building your business case and processes for creating a budget that will get executive buy-in. Lastly, we will share perspective on what technologies have provided the best ROI and why.

E-Commerce Platforms: How to Find the ‘Best Fit’ and Ensure It’ll Stick (download)
This 3 part session will cover: Deciding Whether to Replatform – Here Are the Criteria; Optimizing the Selection Process; Implementation Best Practices for a Successful Launch and Ongoing Operation

Other essential platforms/solutions (download)
Now that you’ve assessed or upgraded your e-commerce platform, don’t forget the other guys! The ecosystem of key technologies has expanded to include more critical systems. Companies usually have unique processes, integrations and data storage and data flow needs. It’s necessary to develop a holistic understanding and plan for all the elements comprising your tech stack. In this session, we look at the key components and integrations for an omnichannel business, and how each are essential to a well-oiled machine that will take your business to the next level. Our speakers from will share their ecosystem perspectives, challenges, successes and experiences involving these other key systems.

Customer Centricity in Action (download)
This 3 part session will cover: The When and How for a Physical Store; CRM & Loyalty: A Customer Journey Tool; Data & CRM: The Art & Science of Retail

20 Technology Innovations in 40 Minutes (download)
In this session, the ‎SVP, Digital Marketing of HBC and the Workshop chair will lead a lightening round of 20 retail technology innovations, from data segmentation to in-store traffic analysis. The speakers will share which of these innovations stand out and why they matter to e-retailers.

What to Watch for in 2018 (download)
This 4 part session will cover: Finishing Strong: Delivery is Sexy Again; Advancements in Personalization; In the Cloud; Social Commerce

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