commercetools offers more than just a platform. With Commerce as a Service, we take care of the technology, while you steer your business. Our API-first approach combined with an architecture build on microservices offers a truly flexible, affordable and customizable commerce environment for any business size. Explore our services and see how we enabled our market-leading customers like BRITA and AIRFIELD to use their full creative potential:

Meet commercetools at the Innovation Theater

FitForCommerce Innovation Theater – Booth #1701

  • Wednesday June 8, 12:00-12:20pm
  • Wednesday June 8, 4:30-4:50pm


As we move into true omni-channel retail, platforms that contain all encompassing functionality in a monolithic architecture will go the way of the dinosaur. Instead, companies will move to loosely coupled, microservices based solutions that provide technology as a service across the entire enterprise and deliver specific user experiences to every person in the ecosystem. This presentation will show real life examples of how a microservice/API first approach will change the landscape of the entire industry and will support the next wave of commerce technologies across every enterprise.