Is Amazon DSP on your radar for 2021?

And no, you don’t have to sell or advertise on Amazon to leverage Amazon’s high-intent data

Most retail marketers have mastered the use of traditional demographic data such as age, gender, and income for their acquisition campaigns, but unfortunately, many third-party data targeting campaigns deliver a limited ROI.  You probably already know that you can achieve far greater results when you target prospects or customers based on what they need right now aka intent data.

Intent data provides insight into what shoppers are actively searching for, at any given moment, and allows marketers to programmatically serve highly relevant display advertising where it matters most.

So, how do I use intent data?

Many marketers use Google’s Custom Intent audiences to target based on intent, but few know that they can also leverage high-intent data from and Amazon’s demand-side platform (Amazon DSP) to complement their programmatic display programs.

How does Amazon DSP work and what’s the difference between Amazon DSP and Amazon Search Ads?

Amazon search ads appear only on, while Amazon DSP display ads are served up to shoppers outside of the Amazon site across websites, social media, mobile apps, and online video channels. Amazon display ads use a variety of remarketing strategies to retarget these high-intent shoppers outside of Amazon.

“10X more high-intent shoppers can be reached with display advertising versus PPC alone.” (Amazon)

Let’s see how this tool can boost your sales.

How can I learn more? Glad you asked…

Here’s a whitepaper on this topic that explores: 

  • why intent data should be a critical component of any marketing campaign
  • the growing popularity of Amazon’s programmatic display demand-side platform (Amazon DSP)
  • how you can leverage Amazon’s high-intent data through the Amazon DSP to reach shoppers outside and direct them to your site instead of