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FitForCommerce Annual Report 2016

How are you expanding reach and engaging your customers?

It is definitely not easy to keep up with the status quo and at the same time stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why FitForCommerce launched The Innovation Office – an initiative that curates new technologies to help retailers separate the wheat from the chaff.

At this year’s IRCE, FitForCommerce introduced something new – The Innovation Theater.

We welcomed 13 innovative technology providers to be a part of the theater and share their perspectives and solutions with attendees. In the coming weeks we will share some of the insights from the technology providers that presented at The Innovation Theater.

First up is a guest post by Alexandre Soncini of VTEX on direct-to-consumer digital commerce strategies. Enjoy!

Take Control by Going Direct

Across the digital commerce industry, more and more brands are recognizing the importance of selling direct to their consumers. Brands can leverage the trust they inspire in shoppers on and offline by asking them to buy direct, resulting in a better relationship with consumers, higher market share, and a stronger brand.

Making the transition to ecommerce is still overwhelming for many retailers. It requires a solid investment in the right digital platform, a knowledgeable team and an understanding of the target market. As a result, manufacturers rely on retailers to sell their products, but with the right plan brands can go direct to consumer (DTC). Brand manufacturers who are not selling direct-to-consumer are missing out on a share of this growing online channel.

There is a way to go direct without disrupting current distribution channels. With the right strategy and vendors, the right team and the right attitude, brand manufacturers can open DTC channels without abandoning existing channels. Collaboration between retailers and brand manufacturers leads to a digital commerce industry that drives business across all channels.

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About VTEX

VTEX is the only True Cloud Commerce™ platform in the digital commerce market with an auto-scaling elastic cloud infrastructure that leads to higher conversion rates, stronger customer loyalty and lower TCO. With the addition of the exclusive patent-pending SmartCheckout™ technology- a secure, intuitive and easy password-free process- brands and retailers running the VTEX platform see a 54% increase in conversion rates and a significantly lower rate of shopping cart abandonment. Since 2000, its pioneering R&D teams in offices all over the world have provided clients with a complete omnichannel solution with a fully-adaptable platform that keeps up with the speed of customer expectations.

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Alexandre Soncini, North America General Manager

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