Move Over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again. While most people are kicking back, lazing by the pool, vacationing, and enjoying family time, retailers are focused on developing holiday strategies and tactics to help them stand out in the highly competitive holiday season.

Today, shoppers aren’t waiting for Thanksgiving to kick off their search for holiday treasures. In fact, in 2016 most shopping was done throughout the entire month of November, hence the moniker “Cyber November.” And according to The Harris Poll survey, 71% of them were shopping online.
Last year, Amazon officially launched its “Black Friday” sales site on November 1st, providing customers with added incentive to shop early and very likely influencing this extended holiday shopping season. Amazon shoppers have come to expect highly personalized experiences, based on purchase behavior, recommendations and favorites. Furthermore, Amazon makes it very easy to transact with features like one-click checkout. These expectations raise the bar for other retailers to create highly personalized and easily shoppable ecommerce experiences.

To meet these demands, retailers must address three distinct online challenges for the 2017 holiday shopping season:

          • Creating rich, memorable and personal online experiences that shoppers will notice
          • Making their sites easily shoppable for quick conversions
          • Getting this all done in time for the extended 2017 holiday season

This means retailers must move out of their traditional comfort zone and trust that a little bit of risk will garner tremendous rewards. eMarketer predicts online holiday sales will climb to $110BN for the 2017 holiday season. Who doesn’t want a big chunk of that pie? So, let’s examine each of the challenges a little more closely.

Creating rich, memorable and personal online experiences that shoppers will notice. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers expect more than just a product grid from their online shopping experience. Online gaming and ubiquitous social media content have them accustomed to rich, personalized media experiences that are both entertaining and informative.  And as more social media platforms become shoppable, the challenge to get shoppers’ attentions on their ecommerce sites intensifies. Clearly, retailers must find a way to make their site appealing to shoppers through immersive digital experiences that utilize rich, clickable imagery or media.

Making their sites easily shoppable for quick conversions. The last thing online retailers want to do is create such a rich experience that shoppers get sidetracked by the encounter and forget they are shopping. And if they are served up retargeting ads from another retailer, they can be swept away. Therefore, it is imperative that the path to conversion is quick and easy. Retailers must guide shoppers through their offerings, then convert them without leaving the experience.

Getting this all done in time for the extended 2017 holiday season. Many retailers believe creating these types of experiences in time for the holidays are beyond their reach. The good news is that these experiences can be created easily without technical development or the use of IT resources.

Join us this Thursday for our webinar that addresses these challenges through immersive digital experiences and see examples of how leading retailers are implementing this technology.


Bernardine Wu, CEO, FitForCommerce

Terri Pucin, Sr. Consultant, FitForCommerce

Lindsay Moore, VP of Strategy, Zmags