Groceryshop 2019: Selecting Ecommerce Technologies Session

During an interactive session at Groceryshop 2019, Bernardine Wu (CEO of FitForCommerce) interviewed three leading grocery and CPG companies about how they identify, assess and select the solutions they use to launch and support their ecommerce businesses.

The panel included Jordan Bass – Head of Ecommerce at The Wonderful Company, Param Devireddy – Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Platform & Digital Transformation at Albertsons, and Ramesh Reddy – Chief Digital & Information Officer at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market.

According to FitForCommerce’s Grocery Omnichannel Index, 58% of food retailers manage digital and omnichannel fulfillment in-house. However, most grocery retailers and CPG companies remain at the early stages of embracing ecommerce. To develop new and evolving digital grocery offerings, they are evaluating a long list of different technologies and partnerships that will help them on this journey, ranging from warehousing technologies to ecommerce platforms and fulfillment partners.

In a world where “today’s best practices become tomorrow’s table stakes”, one must quickly learn from mistakes and strategize to stay ahead of the game. In the session, Bernardine asked the panelists about their thoughts on major technology decisions, how they approach the digital evolution in their organizations, how to build a solid technology stack, challenges, and common mistakes. Prompting the panelists about digital evolution, she stated, “We are hearing that digital growth is happening faster in grocery than in any prior industry (i.e. clothing and others), thus there is an imperative to leapfrog your digital maturity.” Ramesh Reddy of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market responded, “You don’t need to be the first to market but when you execute, take the lessons learned to leapfrog your maturity.” He joked, “We don’t need to leap frog, we need to time travel our maturity development.”

The Wonderful Company’s Jordan Bass highlighted the need to focus on the business problem you are trying to solve and focus on the technology that will enable you to scale a solution that is right for your maturity. After talking through challenges, important decisions and common mistakes, Bernardine Wu concluded that “to win [you must] experiment, fail fast and get useful data on your side.”

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