Groceryshop 2018: Where CPGs, Grocers, and Exhibiters Chatted, Learned, Snacked and Played with Puppies

Another one in the books! The FitForCommerce team attended the inaugural Groceryshop last week in Vegas, along with 2,000+ CPG and Grocery attendees. With 50+ sessions and a great line-up of speakers (including our very own Founder and CEO, Bernardine Wu), there was a lot of interesting content to absorb and digest. The exhibit hall was filled with about 100 exhibitors, where we had great conversations while enjoying good food and played with puppies (yes, real puppies!). Collectively, our team got a shoe shine, tried vegan nut-less bars, went early trick-or-treating at the candy bar, ate way-too-many macarons, were told we could use a $1500 cream to reduce eye wrinkles (sigh), climbed into a giant shopping cart, and so much more.

FitForCommerce acted as the show’s Concierge in the exhibit hall, where we offered guidance to attendees about the exhibiting technologies, had 1:1 consultations, shared resources such as Best Practices checklists and whitepapers. Attendees especially found the persona packets useful.

Overall, the grocery industry has been relatively slower-moving in embracing ecommerce, but the potential for growth HUGE.

What we heard at Groceryshop 2018:

  • CPGs are seeking ideas on how to collect customer data and insights (contact, interactions, and transactions) to know, reach and engage relevantly and directly with shoppers at each touch-point along the path-to-purchase journey, while avoiding conflicts with their retailers.
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  • Many CPGs and brands do not have clear ownership of programs, which often causes confusion and inefficiencies when it comes to omnichannel.
  • Last mile is difficult and is a huge issue for many. As expected, we got questions about delivering perishables and frozen foods and how to sell high-margin add-ons with click-and-collect.

Trends and what we expect to see in 2019:

  • Emphasis on finding efficient models that combine various last-mile solutions (delivery, click-and-collect, self-checkout, etc.); automation of in-store workflows; use of data to engage customers more effectively; more consumer-centric innovations around high-margin products like meal-prep, etc.); grocery chains are expanding rapidly, pushing into new territories in a seeming haphazard way.
  • Ecommerce is a critical channel in order to survive and thrive. U.S. online grocery sales amounted to about $14.2 billion in 2017 and are expected to rise to nearly $30 billion by 2021 (Statista 2018).
  • In-store geo-positioning and Internet-of-Things (loT) technologies will be more widely used, as they allow retailers to provide customers with high-end location-based services, such as in-store navigation and personalized, location-based offers.

So, how can FitForCommerce help?

As a trusted advisor, FitForCommerce can help grocers and CPGs with their Digital Transformation efforts. We can help prioritize digital activities, roadmaps and innovations, rooting your strategy in best practices and a strong business case. We’ll assess your current and future state and identify gaps, issues and opportunities. [learn more here]