FitForCommerce Insights: The Marketing Stack

Today, we’re sharing our perspective on the Marketing Stack.
Did you know that there are ~7,000 marketing technologies solutions (and a dozen new ones every week!?) “It’s hard enough managing my current Marketing Stack, but almost impossible to keep up with innovation,” said many a CMO. As more budget gets allocated to digital martech, it’s critical to access and evaluate what’s in your toolkit, what you’re missing, and how it “ought to hang together.”

Depending on the complexity and needs of the business, Marketing Stacks have evolved to include many different constructs, tools and services, touching the marketing team and enterprise.

One logical way to organize your Marketing Stack is to organize by functional bucket, each serving a critical purpose to the operation of the business, grounded in the customer life cycle and marketing funnel. Some technologies (see Data section in the image) can span multiple layers of the stack.

Two primary Marketing Stack categories are Data Management and Marketing Execution. These are where data is stored, segmented into relevant audiences, and then leveraged throughout channel execution.

Data Management is where transaction level data (in-store, online, mobile), clickstream data from website(s), customer preferences and other customer touchpoint data are analyzed and refined into audience segments through CRM or campaign management tools. Key components for managing and storing data include data warehouse, customer data platform, CRM, and more.

Marketing Execution is where the marketers are enabled to deploy the audience segmentation intel and execute through customer facing channels (e.g., print catalogs, email, paid social, site experiences and display media), also using CRM and campaign management programs.

Let FitForCommerce help you optimize your marketing stack. Here’s how…

  • Strategy evaluation
  • Gap analysis of current framework
  • Assess current tech & services
  • Roadmap development
  • Benchmarking