We participated in Fashion Digital New York 2015 last week by attending, exhibiting, creating session content, recruiting speakers, and more.  Yes, we like to stay busy!

As you might imagine, “Disruptive” is the theme once again.  However, it’s really about tying this theme to the customer and how she shops as the main focus.  Other hot topics included: how to use Social Media, are bloggers relevant, can retailers actually deliver something to the customer they have never seen before.

As it relates to social media, Instagram and Pinterest were center stage; remember that Instagram is about “today” and Pinterest is for the events in the future. How can retailers use Instagram in a unique way?  Should you be concerned with followers on Pinterest or views? Many interesting statistics were shared during the sessions.  For example, Pinterest has doubled its users in the past 18 months.  They are also reporting that 87% of pinners have bought something they found on Pinterest. Additionally, average orders are higher for pinners than non-pinners.  All reasons to make sure your site is connected with Pinterest; meaning items (images) can be pinned, and links are functioning.

I also sat in at a session on innovation, called “Walk the Line: Balancing Fashion Innovation with ROI”. This session was moderated by our CEO, Bernardine Wu, with the following speakers:

FDNY15-BW session speakers

This panel discussed how overwhelmed retailers are when it comes to curating innovation solutions and making a sense of it all. From “smart stores”, hyper-personalized digital shopping and drone delivery, to non-traditional marketing and sales techniques, fashion brands and retailers are testing the waters of the latest and greatest in digital retail innovations.

There was also a session on “CTO-CMO Ecommerce Mash-Up”. The main concern by each of panelist in this session was universal: how to reach their customers.  The most important question here to be answered is, are they giving her what she wants and understanding how she shops?  Channels are gone, it is retail.  If retailers and brands could remember this, and focus on projects that really enhance the shopping experience, results would be improved.

Their concerns are aligned with the results from the NRF-FitForCommerce Omnichannel Retail Index report.

As mentioned in our previous blog, the Omnichannel Retail Index provides a strong perspective on what retailers, large and small, should focus on to navigate this digitally influenced, rapidly changing and ever-evolving landscape. It offers insights into shipping & handling practices, marketing & promotions, multi-device/cross platform functionality, customer service, social media, international shipping, and online use interface.

To learn more about the Omnichannel Retail Index, join our webinar tomorrow (Oct. 28, 2015 at 1PM): “The Battle for Omnichannel Retail Excellence – Are You Keeping Up or Falling Short?” 

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