Formal shopping locations can be traced as far back as Trajan’s Market – that’s a long time ago. Since then we’ve gone from walking the streets of busy bazaars, shopping at general stores, congregating at malls, thumbing through mail-order catalogs to making purchases digitally through various devices.

Today, the lines between discovery, research, shopping and entertainment continue to blur and competition for the consumer’s attention and wallet seems to intensify by the minute. While challenging, no doubt, this new retail reality brings along new opportunities and new ways for retailers and brands to reach, engage and sell to customers. It’s exciting but also daunting and requires the right talent, new strategies and the right technology. This is why we decided to dedicate the 2016 FitForCommerce Annual Report to this topic.

Supported by comprehensive research, including a retailer survey, executive interviews, and insights from 100s of FitForCommerce engagements, this comprehensive report explores how retailers and brands are expanding both within and beyond the four walls of the retail store and the ecommerce storefront.

The report dives into seven chapters that are critical for expanding reach and accelerating sales including:

  1. Global expansion
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Mobile
  4. Social media
  5. Content
  6. In-store digital
  7. Experiential

Each chapter provides best practices and examples from leading brands and retailers as well as insights from our retail executive survey.

Download the report today to learn more about the strategies that leading retailers deploy to accelerate sales in today’s tumultuous retail environment.

Packed with results from our retail and brand executive survey, interviews, and FitForCommerce first-hand insights, this comprehensive report is a must-read.