Don’t Let the Delivery Grinch Ruin Your Holiday

This holiday season, when online shopping volumes are expected to hit all-time highs, a main concern among brands and retailers is ensuring their customers get their packages in time for gift giving. Based on experiences in Q2, when many traditional delivery providers were unable to keep up with the surge of orders, it is reasonable for retailers to be concerned.

“Early in COVID, we saw our deliveries substantially delayed,” says one FitForCommerce retailer client. “But our customers didn’t care that we had no control over what was going on in the shipping facility. They were frustrated with us.”

Are you ready for the operational challenges that will surely come with extra volume during the holidays?  At FitForCommerce, we anticipate that the combination of increased orders, continued social distancing among workers in shipping facilities, and other delivery challenges will lead to:

  1. increased carrier lead time and package delays,
  2. increased calls to customer service via phone and online, and
  3. constraints on fulfillment center capacity and manpower.

But don’t fret. We have the holiday shipping contingency list you’ll need – and we’ve already checked it twice.

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