Amazon Prime Day 2021 is coming…do you have a plan?

Amazon Prime Day is only a few weeks away (June 21-22) and they’re kicking it off with a bang featuring a live stream concert on June 17th.  Some retail giants have already announced they’ll be running a sale/event during Prime Day including Walmart and Target, and we expect that Best Buy and Kohl’s will also promote their own sales. But what about smaller retailers and brands? Here’s what we’re hearing from our clients:

  1. DO NOTHING: The focus and hype are on Amazon…the deep promotions happen on Amazon, not on brand/retailer sites. Trying to compete could be a waste of marketing dollars and margin.
  2. BE READY: Many shoppers will use Amazon to discover products but go to brand sites to compare and shop – be prepared to welcome those shoppers with unique content and your own promos.
  3. COMPETE: Create your own compelling and deeply discounted offerings to compete with Prime Day.

What’s your plan for Prime Day 2021?
Let us know if you have something entirely different planned.

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