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FitForCommerce Annual Report 2016

How are you expanding reach and engaging your customers?

It is definitely not easy to keep up with the status quo and at the same time stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why FitForCommerce launched The Innovation Office – an initiative that curates new technologies to help retailers separate the wheat from the chaff.

At IRCE 2016, we welcomed 13 innovative technology providers to be a part of the theater and share their perspectives and solutions with attendees. As a blog series, we will share some of the insights from the technology providers that presented at The Innovation Theater.

Today’s guest post is by inRiver on the dirty little secret about customer experience management. Enjoy!

The Dirty Little Secret About Customer Experience Management 

Everyone tells you to create a personalized experience for every shopper, but no one tells you it’s impossible without more and more and more high quality product content. Welcome to the Dirty Little Secret about Customer Experience Management.

To give a little background, omnichannel describes a seamless user experience across all e-commerce channels. Why is it so important? Customers shop on their time, in their own way and everyone takes in information differently across many channels. Thus, not only do the customers differ between channels, but also each customer’s expectations are unique.  Forrester Research called optimizing the online experience, Customer Experience Management, or CXM for short. It’s now the industry name for a great concept that can render fantastic results, but it requires much more than a CXM platform. That’s  where the Dirty Little Secret enters.

Most purchasers will begin their experience with an internet search. To receive the best results, the most from your SEO efforts, and most importantly, top search rankings, every product has to be fully optimized. The content needs to be structured, consist of high quality, contain enough volume and include unique information to fall under the category of fully optimized. The catch to maintaining the high results is to constantly enrich and optimize the content, otherwise you will lose the ranking over time. This is where a great system support for product content creation comes into play.

When you optimize the product information for SEO, your merchandise and your website will be found at a quicker rate. To have an efficient guided navigation is also key, regardless of which type of device the customer is using and just like SEO, it requires structured high-quality content. As the shift towards mobile commerce becomes more important, companies need to recognize the mobile user makes on average one to two clicks before losing interest in the product. Facets and attributes that are used to dynamically create the navigation need to be optimized over time to catch the customer’s attention, resulting in more clicks. To do this, companies need to invest in an efficient tool to create the content.

Once the consumers have found your product, you now have to convince them to buy it. Besides the basic product data, you need rich media and structured unique selling points to gain their interest to tell a great product story. Customers need to find the product desirable, establish trust with the brand and find consistent and accurate messaging across all channels. Having customized information that appeals to each customer’s unique views will put you in a great position to be successful. Being able to show the products ecosystem through up-sells and cross-sells, increases the conversion rate and average order value even more.

The opportunity to sell more, everywhere.

An integral part of your omnichannel strategy should be tailoring each experience for every customer, not the entire ecosystem as a single experience – again, taking advantage of the Dirty Little Secret. The fuel for CXM is content that tells optimized product stories for each customer in every touch point. To do this, you need to be able to produce high-quality and better-structured content faster than ever before. The result is worth it; companies will provide a better customer experience, receive increased conversion rates, higher average order value and more products sold resulting in increased revenue and higher profits. Just remember, it takes more than just a CXM platform. It takes creating a personalized customer experience for every shopper requiring an ever increasing amount of product content, which we call the Dirty Little Secret for short.

About inRiver

inRiver is the market leader for simplifying Product Information Management (PIM). We help B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce and marketing professionals tell perfect product stories across all sales channels. Our powerful inRiver PIM platform radically facilitates the creation, handling and distribution of perfect product information for a world-class customer experience in all channels, in multiple languages. 220+ customers and 750 brands around the world rely on inRiver’s PIM platform for efficiently controlling the product flow for their globally recognized brands.
inRiver was founded in 2007, and is today a well-recognized, award-winning, and rapidly growing company with an extensive partner network. The company is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with offices in Chicago, Amsterdam and Stockholm, and sales offices in Phoenix, Taipei and Istanbul.