Uncovering the Big Topic of 2015: Personalization

FitForCommerce released our first Annual Report last week!FitForCommerce report on personalization

Through our 2014 survey, we discovered that about a 1/3 of brands and retailers said that personalization is among their top 3 priorities in 2015.
Of course, that made us want to dig deeper and investigate what personalization really means to omnichannel businesses, in our hyper-connected world.

Here’s a brief overview of the report – but the full report is now available for you here. When you download the report, you’ll also get a 10% discount to IRCE Focus: Digital Design and IRCE! We’ll be at both shows, so come talk to us about personalization – what you’re doing now, what you’re planning on doing, and what is going on in the marketplace.

What’s the fuss around personalization

In today’s omnichannel retail world, customers want and expect personalization. And not just with the Hi, [firstname] emails. It is all about knowing who the customer is and using that information to create a meaningful and relevant shopping experience, guided by what she wants, when she wants it. And helping her even when she does not know exactly what she wants. Every step along the shopping journey is an opportunity to connect and engage with her to build a strong personal relationship that drives sales and loyalty.

What surprised us most about the current state of personalization

In the report, you’ll see our perspectives and retailers’ lessons learned. We knew that personalization is a hot topic for retailers and brands in numerous industries, regardless of their maturity stage.  Of course, there are numerous challenges when implementing a personalization strategy, such as not having enough resources, not having the ability to dynamically create personalized content, other site priorities, FFC-blog20-FAIR-statsblogand lack of capital. But one of the findings that caught our attention is that 30% of respondents named “data limitations” as one of their top challenges. Throughout the report, we emphasize the importance of collecting rich customer data. Making data actionable and leveraging it to personalize all customer interactions through marketing, content, delivery, customer service, and more, are the most critical steps for a successful omnichannel personalization strategy.

What you will get out of this annual report

Since personalization is a broad and complex topic, with no “one size fits all” solution, it is unquestionably an overwhelming task. Therefore, our goal in this report is to make it all less overwhelming by breaking it down and by providing insight on how retailers and brands approach personalization. This in-depth report breaks it down into 8 operational elements organized around the 5 stages of the shopping journey:


Throughout the report, you will also gain insights and best practices on how retailers and brands have addressed this challenge. So, download the report now. IT’S TIME TO GET PERSONAL!



Written by: Kanaru Fukushima, Director of Marketing