12 Best of the Bests – Holiday 2020

2020…what a year! While many of us hope to keep 2020 in the past, one element that isn’t going anywhere is the ecommerce boom. Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to online shopping. Even for those shopping in person, mobile apps and pre-ordering have never been so common. This year, with the decision to shop elsewhere just one click away, effective ecommerce tools and marketing have been a game changer for retailers. Here, we’re sharing the best of the best from the 2020 Holiday season. These retailers put in the extra effort to stand out this year, and we’re here to showcase them! Enjoy!

#1 - Yankee Candle Shares the Santa Cam

Spreading some holiday cheer, Yankee Candle launched the Santa Cam. Jolly Old St. Nick shows off his dance moves and Christmas magic, fun for the kids and the parents. Yankee Candle’s email also included huge in-store savings, no hassle gift exchanges, and easy curbside and online options.

#2 - Everlane Helps Feed America

Focusing on the immense struggles the pandemic has caused many Americans, Everlane used its platform and its voice to raise money for Feeding America. Each year since 2013, Everlane and its Black Friday Fund have donated to current issues, reminding us of the real importance of the Season of Giving.

#3 - Home Depot’s Customizable Trees

Home Depot introduced a useful tool to help shoppers choose their perfect Christmas tree. With options such as size, shape, species, and lights, shoppers could choose the exact artificial tree to fit their home, without having to go in-store and read every tree’s box.

#4 - Crate&Barrel Ups the Ante

Free shipping is nothing new to the modern shopper, but this year brought it to a whole new level. By offering free shipping on furniture, Crate&Barrel shaved hundreds off customers’ bills.

#5 - Wesleyan Bookstore’s Last-Minute Gifts

RJ Julia Bookstore, at Wesleyan University, offered great last-minute gifts to give book lovers. They highlight two subscription services, one for audiobooks and one for Just the Right Book, where the RJ team will send readers a hand-selected, personalized book each month. For the shopper seemingly out of time to find the perfect gift, RJ Julia saved the day with their convenient, friendly email.

#6 - Five Below Sets the Tone

With more to think about than ever before this holiday season, Five Below wanted to make sure no one panicked. They offered same-day delivery through Instacart, while also prioritizing their crew’s safety. No need for holiday worries on Five Below’s watch!

#7 - Loblaw’s President’s Choice Holiday Recipes

Loblaw’s did the hard work for the holiday chef this year. Presenting recipes with their President’s Choice (PC) branding, Loblaw’s recipes included 100% PC ingredients, with included hyperlinks for easy purchase. This is a good example of merging content and commerce – especially for this year when people might be attempting to cook their first holiday feast on their own.

#8 - Patagonia Demands More

This holiday season, Patagonia launched a new ad campaign, “Buy Less, Demand More.” The brand called for consumers to join the fight against climate change and the planet’s existential threats. While doing so, Patagonia also highlighted the brand’s own hard work. Like the Everlane example, Patagonia has launched a conversation about what Black Friday and the holiday season should really be about.

#9 - Malls Partner to Make Returns Stress-Free

Narvar is a returns management provider that is working to solve one of shopping’s biggest problems: returns. Narvar has managed to eliminate the need for customers to print return labels, and Mall of America and Simon Property Group malls have teamed up with the company to make their customers’ lives easier.

#10 - Anthropologie’s Concierge from Home

For shoppers unable to make the trip to physical stores, the retail experience was often missing a key element: shopping help. With “Anthro at Your Service”, Anthropologie gave shoppers the opportunity to request complimentary gift consulting. Even from the comfort of their own home, customers could receive professional help choosing the perfect holiday gifts.

#11 - REI Keeps Customers Busy Outdoors

Throughout the pandemic, people have turned to the great outdoors for adventure and relief. REI recognized this, and offered a plethora of experiences, including winter skills sessions and webinars. All this, with abundant COVID-19 health guidelines to ensure safe outdoor fun.

#12 - The Chewy Family Shares a Poem

In a year when more people spent time with and adopted pets than ever before, Chewy took the time to express the happiness our pets can give us. Following a brief note from CEO Sumit Singh, the Chewy team wrote a sweet, joyous poem about pets helping us through the pandemic.

That wraps up our 2020 Best of the Best! FitForCommerce wishes you a Happy New Year, and we’re here to help you win the ecommerce battle in 2021.

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