10 Power Moves from Holiday 2017

Phew – is it just us or does the Holiday season gets crazier every year? Cyber Monday turned into Cyber November and same-day delivery means shopping till the very end. Procrastinators rejoice!  Retailers everywhere scrambled to finish the year strong, and now that you can finally catch your breath, we’re sharing 10 Power Moves from Holiday 2017 that came across our devices this year. Please send standout examples our way and we’ll add to this list! Enjoy 🙂

1. Wayfair Adds a “Deliver before Dec 24” Filter

Will it get there on time? Delivery is always top of mind when Holiday shopping. Wayfair zeroed in on delivery this season, allowing shoppers to filter products that would arrive before Christmas eve. Brilliant move considering most shoppers have experienced the pain of going through the checkout process, only then to find out that the product won’t make it in time…

2. Lowes’ Omnichannel Play: BOPIS

Lowes tried to capitalize on their store presence, speed up the time of products into the customer’s hand, and minimize shipping mishandles by encouraging shoppers to pickup their products in-store. They had large banners placed by all entrances, and signs within the store directing customers to the pickup counter.

3. Target BOPIS Ads

Three days before Christmas Target sent a clever last minute gift idea email for in-store pickup. Here, they are getting incremental web-influenced sales after the shipping deadline….with an incentive to go into the store for more deals. Perfect for last minute shoppers.

4. Target Adds “GiftNow

Target also made gifting super easy by adding Loop’s GiftNow button. This was good news all around – made it easier for shoppers, huge for Loop, a gifting platform (especially since it’s their first non-luxury retailer), and here’s how Target merchandised it on their homepage:

5. Green Monday Campaign from Target

Can anyone even keep up with all these shopping phenomena? Well, Target played up Green Monday to drive incremental sales.

6. Retailer Promoting Amazon Prime

This year, we saw a handful of retailers promoting free 2-day shipping guaranteed via Amazon Prime. Some even had an Amazon Prime collection on their website, where the products were shipped by Amazon Prime. Instead of dealing with the stress of delivery, some retailers have learned to leverage Amazon’s offering to benefit them! Sometimes, we all need to learn to delegate our workload 😉

7. Offer in Cart Plow and Hearth

Now, that’s a bold in-your-face offer in your cart. Especially since it’s not a best practice to add pop-ups to your checkout process. If you tried this, let us know how it’s working for you and what your learnings are!

8. Getting Creative with Donations

We’ve seen a couple of these donation-related offerings on retailers’ checkout. This was an interesting way to handle shipping delivery info from Athleta (Gap), including an ability to donate to charity for a longer delivery time. Nice incentive that people felt good about, and a great way for the retailer to take the pressure off of the holiday shipping nightmares.

9. Amazon Treasure Truck

Amazon’s experiential shopping was easy and pretty fun. You went to their designated drop site with a QR code on your phone and picked up an exclusive deal. They also had a game to create a fun experience – throw fake snowballs through holes and get to pick a “prize” from the bin.

10. Delivery By All Means

We’ve all experienced the horrors of delayed deliveries. This year, the FitForCommerce team experienced a UPS team delivering packages from a Budget rental truck, a Walmart employee hand delivering a package after work, and a red convertible delivering an Amazon package. Props to going above and beyond! As shoppers, we’d like to thank retailers like Fanatics’ Delivery Promise.

BONUS: “Alexa, Ask Perry Ellis What I Should Wear to the Holiday Party”

Perry Ellis leveraged the popularity of Alexa this holiday season to engage shoppers. Most of us like to see what items look like (even on models who don’t look anything like us), so not sure how effective this campaign was. But fun and easy, nonetheless, and a deserved call-out to Perry Ellis for a creative option to buy!

That wraps up our 10 Power Moves from Holiday 2017! We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2018. Ready to kick off the year with a bang? Learn how you stack up in the NRF-FitForCommerce Omnichannel Retail Index and how to get a jumpstart on your competitors.